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Kitchen and Pantry wood and chrome wire pull out shelves and baskets, drawer organizers and inserts, pantry shelving, trash and recycle pull outs, Lazy Susan’s, spice racks. If it pulls outs, slides out, or rolls out and is made for kitchen or pantry shelving or cabinets, we either handle it, can get it, or can produce it for you.Kitchen shelves that slide, Pantry Pull Out Shelving, Roll Out kitchen Shelves, Kitchen organizers, or drawer organizers. Kitchen trash bins and recycle bins that pull or roll out.


We make every kitchen pull out shelf to your order. No prefab sizing, which means that you can utilize as much room in your kitchen cabinets as possible. The kitchen pull out shelf you order will include slides that have a warranty by the manufacturer and will hold almost anything that you have in your kitchen cabinets. The manufacturer recommends no more than 100 lbs per shelf. Very seldom have we found that this weight limit does not accommodate what is normally in kitchen, bath or pantry cabinets. Kitchen pullout or slide out shelves make any cabinet more functional and give easier access to the back of cabinets. That useless half shelf in most cabinets can now be functional with sliding kitchen cabinet shelves installed. And you don’t need to even put the effort into taking it out. Simply order our Kitchen pull out Shelving that Slide with two “L” brackets and mount your new slide out shelves right to the half shelf. Don’t have a half shelf in your cabinet but you want to install pull out shelves in the center? NO Problem. Simply order your kitchen pull out shelves with the rear sockets and you can add a pull out shelf in almost any area within the cabinet. (careful of plumbing obstructions under sinks) Pantry pull out shelves are almost a necessity in today’s modern kitchens. Our slide out shelves make those deep pantries accessible by providing the pantry shelves to slide out for easy access to those cans that usually find their way into the back crevices of most pantries. Pantry pull out shelves are also a cost saver as you will not be buying items that you already had but could not find in the back of your cabinets. Our Pantry slide out shelves could actually pay for themselves in grocery cost savings alone. Kitchen shelves that slide custom made at less cost than most big box stores handle for a prefab price, and simple to install. You can’t go wrong with kitchen pull out shelves from Kitchen Shelves Online. If you are updating and remodeling your kitchen, why not incorporate slide out shelves into your kitchen remodeling. Kitchen organization is made much easier when you can access your kitchen cabinets with pull out shelves. Do you have drawers that have sagging or unsightly bottoms? Replace them with our pull out shelves. A pull out shelf is a drawer without the front. So, install the current drawer front onto the pull out shelf, and you have brand new pull out kitchen drawers. To replace a kitchen drawer with our pull out shelves, simply remove the old kitchen drawer, measure the width of the opening and the height. Determine the height of pull out shelf need by subtracting 1″ from the height measurement, and that is the tallest kitchen drawer pull out that can be installed in your current opening. Now measure the depth of the old drawer and order one of our pull out shelves as close to that measurement as possible. Most kitchen cabinet drawers will be either 20 or 22″ deep. When ordering replacement kitchen drawers, the rear socket option is the standard way to mount drawers. If you need a custom height of drawer, contact us and we will give you a custom quote. Why buy a particle board with paper wood grain drawer when you can get an actual wood drawer for about the same price? We are operated by Slide Out Shelves LLC, an Arizona corporation, a licensed contractor in good standing with the Arizona Registrar Of Contractors, Lic. # ROC 224942


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